Campus Allies

Campus Allies refers to UCLA staff and faculty members who have undergone the UndocuALLY training and are supportive of undocumented students on campus. Identifying campus allies allows students to find key people in different departments to seek direct support, and ensure they are connecting with staff and faculty members who are knowledgeable and sensitive about undocumented student issues. 

Counseling and Psychological Services
Saeromi Kim, Ph.D
CAPS Counseling Psychologist 

Financial Aid Office

Gustavo Sanchez

Financial Aid Advisor


Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP) & Academic Partnerships (AP)

Alfred Herrera

Assistant Vice Provost, AP & Director, CCCP



580 Cafe/ Wesley Foundation serving UCLA

Jeanne Roe Smith

Executive Director/ Campus Minister


UCLA Advisory Council on Immigration Policy 

Abel Valenzuela 

Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Immigration Policy and ACIP Chair